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10 Inspiring Quotes About Design
about 6 years ago

As one of the most essential components in website building, our professional designers at Puzl website builder have always placed a special focus on design as an integral part of a quality business website. We believe that great design is about creative thinking, passion and hard work.  No wonder that apart from the consistent effort put in the upcoming 1.0 version of the tool, we are also actively working on refining and creating new inspired vision of our free business templates.

One of our favorite quotes on the Design topic comes from the designer John McWade, saying that:

“It’s no longer enough to have a good product, it must be a good-looking product, and it’s no longer enough to have good words, they must be good-looking words. Design, how things look, is an essential part of how well they communicate.”

Influenced by John, we selected 10 insightful quotes about design that will inspire your Puzl design when creating, editing and constantly improving your free professional website:

Design is what makes the first impression of your customers. Take advantage of it! Work on your design and make it work for your business. Don’t forget to put a double eye on details. Use your creativity and imagination but do not overcomplicate your design.

As Scott Adams states: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.’’ So give it a go and push to the limits! Just do it wisely! 

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