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4 Effective Ways to Drive More Engagement to Your Company...
about 6 years ago

Facebook is a free and effective opportunity to reach out to your audience, improve your SEO rankings and market your business to the public. Running a successful Facebook company page means not only huge numbers but a real community behind these numbers.

Why Facebook?

We have tried to better explain the impact of Facebook through our custom - made Infographic image below:

Considering that Facebook engagement could be a game changer for your small business,  Puzl website builder has enabled you to share all your business updates in one click only. Don’t miss the chance to also take advantage of Puzl social media widgets (both for Twitter and Facebook), letting you easily integrate your Facebook account to your website and make the most out of it for boosting your traffic.

Having a company Facebook page already but not sure how to create a strong community and engage your fans?

In this article you are going to discover some proven methods to help you become a solid player on Facebook and drive more commitment to your Business Fanpage.

1. Post Attractive Images

Interesting fact: According to a research visual content helps both draw Facebook users’ attention and increase engagement by 180%, more than content without visuals.

Visuals are the most viral and interactive content on the web right now so make them work for your Facebook page. Besides the links you share with your audience, try to break them up with multimedia as much as possible.  Make sure you deliver high quality images with added value content worth sharing. The more shares, the more visibility for your page.  It creates the so called snow ball effect.

Tip:Focus on the value.Be unique and relevant with your visual posts.   Make sure they evoke a positive feeling and are consistently flowing with your brand image. Use them wisely to engage your audience both personally and professionally.

What kind ofimages to post?

  • Famous quotes -They are such a powerful way to provide a really worthy content for your customers to enjoy and share.
  • Interesting facts about your business niche -People are always looking for information that helps them do their jobs better.
  • Helpful advice, tips and tricks -Sharing practical tips with your audience is one of the best methods to increase engagement. Social Media Examiner is one of our brightest examples for  delivering a steady stream of tips to its Facebook fans.

We also pay special attention to quotes on our Puzl Company Fan Page. Explore the example below:

2. Make Fans Feel a Part of the Community

A company Facebook page is not only about likes and shares, it’s about creating a deep emotional relation with your customers. People love to feel a part of a group or community. Search for their opinion, engage them with conversations on helpful topics, ask them direct questions, share your professional experience. Communications with your fans is a great way to know more about their interests and needs. Thus, you can easily get a feedback about your product and create a solid base of loyal followers.

Here are some smart methods to create a stronger engagement rate:

  • Ask Fans to Find Caption Photos/Videos - This is fun and simple post that is 90% visual and 10% text. Asking Fans to propose great titles for your photos increases engagement 5.5 times more than a standard post.
  • Questions -Asking a question is probably one of the easiest ways to make fans express an opinion and share their thoughts.
  • Brain teasers – People love challenges, solving problems and testing their mental  activity. You will not only help your fans stretch their brains but willl also keep the engagement flow going.

3. Consider the Timing of Your Posts

What many small business owners most often overlook is the “when” of social media posting, not just the “what,” “where” and “why.” Having the right content is vital, but striking the perfect timing when  your community is online and most receptive to posts is a total MUST for you to run efficient Facebook campaigns.

Which is the best time for posting? What is the optimal frequency of posting? How to properly schedule your posts so they get the most of reach and visibility in the Facebook stream of your fans. When are people most receptive to posts?  These are all boiling questions that have been subjected to a lot of debates and contradictory opinions.

Based on a research of over 22 000 Facebook pages, over 12,7 Millions of posts and over 12,3 Billions of interactions, this Infographic is a pretty effective ultimate guide to help you handle the perfect post timing on your Fan page:

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a relatively new addition to Facebook but have now been used for quite some time for a better post. The best about hashtags is that they turn topics and phrases into clickable links, helping people find posts about topics they are interested in. There are some assumptions that comparing to Twitter hashtags, Facebook ones are not so efficiently acting. Nevertheless, using them for some posts will help you categorize the terms behind a #symbol and increase your brand awareness.

Here are some tips on how to better handle Hashtags on you Facebook page.

  • Research what hashtags your customers and competitors are looking for the most. This will help you find the most appropriate keywords and conversations to participate in.
  • Use common terms such as #marketing, #business, #socialmedia, etc. in your hashtags to increase post dialogue and public social media exposure

Start engaging your audience straight away. Take care of the attractive look of your company Facebook page.  Prepare educational and quality content in advance- enticing visuals, videos, and links to relevant content. Initiate communication with your fans, look for their  feedback, reply promptly, provide value, figure out the perfect timing to appear in the right time on your fans newsfeed. 

All those tactics will harness the power of Facebook to help you market your business!

Your turn now! Put them in action!


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