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5 Must-have Pages for Your Business Website
about 6 years ago

About to create a new business website on Puzl?  Or already a member and considering a site revamp? If wondering what main pages to include/add on your free business website and the best way to structure them, let us advice you on this matter.

To turn your website into a selling tool for your company and maximize its effectiveness, make sure to include these main pages:

1. Home Page

Undoubtedly, homepages are one of the most important areas on a website. Acting as a WELCOME board to the visitors, they usually get the most love andbring the majority of traffic. That’s why you need to treat them with thededication and attention they deserve. That being said, having a beautiful design isnever enough. Your homepage has to be not only eye-catching but also highly informative.

What to Include in Your Home Page:

  • A Hearty Welcome Message – Say “Hello World” in a friendly manner and give visitors a reason to stay and revisit. Reveal straight away what they are going to find on your website and explain how you can be helpful.
  • Share Your Story – To melt the distance,let people know a bit about the backstage story of your business.
  • A Picture Worths Thousand Words – Images are the most enticing elements to catch and retain attention from the first sight. Make sure you select attractive pictures that complete content, while corresponding to the color palette and the whole design of your website. Also make sure to incorporate your logo in the header of your website and placing a link to your home page behind. It will improve your site navigation and show your brand identity.

Note: If you don’t have a free access to high quality stock photos, make sure to benefit from the free professional stock photos that Puzl keeps in stock for you.

  • Content is the King – Your home page is the first place where you have the possibility to convince visitors how great your services/products are. Deliver unique and professionally written content. Keep it concise but as informative as possible.
  • Include Testimonials – Display a variety of testimonials that highlight different positive aspects of your business.Make sure testimonials are specific and detailed.Testimonials from existing customers are effective trick to convert visitors into customers and build trustworthy to the brand.
  • Give a clear navigation – Allowing users to rapidly discover the most important content of your site from the home page is important. Create attractive links to your most important pages to show them the direction that they should follow.

A great example of a Home page, being part of a Puzl website:


2. The About Page

A good About page is a must in a professional website. Most customers would first deeply consider your About page before deciding to entrust to your services. It involves customers, boosts company credibility and offers you the opportunity to know the professional team behind the brand. Let them enter into your world . Be friendly and true. It’s all about creating trust.  It will pay off.

What to Include in Your About Page:

  • Mission and Vision –Crafting a clear mission and vision statements are important elements for building trust and credibility for your brand.

Important note: Many people get confused about the difference between Mission and Vision and often face difficulties when completing these sections. Let us briefly clarify this issue:

       * Vision –outlines where your company wants to be and what to achieve over time; the timeframe includes a longer period.   It communicates the company purpose but more in terms of company values rather than bottom line measures.                        

        * Mission – explains how yourcompany is planning to get where it wants to be. It is a brief statement in a sentence or two, written for a shorter timeframe and defines company purpose and primary objectives.

  • Core Values and Principles/Business philosophy – Share best business principles you stick to. Prospects love to read about Ethics and Social responsibility.
  • Actions Plans and Projects – Let your customers know about your upcoming events and show your desire for progress and development.
  • Meet the Team/ Professionals Behind Your Brand/Short Bio of the Key Team Players – Here is the right spot to prove your expertise and convince visitors entrust to your professional skills. The best advice: maintain an honest and friendly tone, don’t oversell or make it sound too artificial and powdered.

Discover how our Puzl members from Be relaxed  has decided to design the their About Page:

3. Products/Services/Prices

Products and Services page has always been a critical element to any website. This is whereyou provide an extensive portfolio of all the products/services offers, so it better be immaculate.

Don’t forget to take a full advantage of Puzl Product/Service widget and their features. Add as many products/services you wish to help prospects get a better idea of what you can do for them. Make sure to properly specify the product type/sector and fill in all the practical/technical information to gain credibility and convince visitors to come back.

Let’s take the Product e-commerce widget:

Now discover how products are listed as per the example of http://puzl.puzl.com:

Find the best way to put an emphasis on the rich palette of products/services and list them in the most attractive way to impress customers.

Except for the product/service widget, another great idea to showcase your assortment list in an attractive way is integrating photo galleries and slideshows.

Depending on your personal taste, you can either choose amongst a range of galleries…

...or simply pick up one of the slideshow options to create a long - lasting visual impression for your visitors:


Check below a nice example a Wedding House website presenting their wedding dresses:

And this is how another Puzl member has decided to slideshow his Training and Coaching services:


4. News Page/ Internal Blog

Running a company blog on your website is an invaluable asset not only for boosting SEO and digital exposure but also for keeping your customers duly updated about all the upcoming events; latest product collections; new services; current changes in payment, delivery terms and conditions.

Puzl proposes exactly this solution, enabling you to effectively promote your professional news and articles over the internet and all social media channels. Thanks to a “news wall”, directly connected to social channels, you are able to either directly publish on your site and syndicate to Social Media short updates (micro blogging messages up to 240 characters) or click “Article Mode” to write a full article, including photos, videos, etc.

Acting as a professional blog where you can share news and articles about your activity, the structure of the page is search engine optimized and respecting the principle of “1 page = 1 topic”, to assurethe highest level of internet visibility for all news published on your website. Each news/article is published on a separate page, allowing its individual content to be focused and related to one unique topic. Your news can even be easily shared to social media by visitors who  arrived on your page and found what you published really exciting.


5. The Contact Page

The Contact page is an absolute MUST. When it comes to connecting with customers, some people prefer to call; others would rather send you a message via your contact form.Make sure your business is easy to reach. Give your customers the freedom to contact you through a number of options. This is your direct contact to your customers so keep it straight-forward, currentand useful to your customers.

What to Include in Your Contact Page:

  • Full Address of the Business
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone/Fax/ Email
  • Social Media Links (Call to action buttons to all your company social media channels)
  • Office Hours
  • Location/Directions (Google Map)
  • Contact /Enquiry form to get reached and receive 24/7 customer feedbacks

Helpful Tips: 

To differentiate yourself from competitors, Puzl enables you to put as much details as you need and all in a tidy and organized manner. To be able to create “limitless” number of pages for your free website and improve your site hierarchy, you can easily create as many sub-menus to the main pages as you wish. Check out how to create sub-menus for your website.

Always try to think outside the box and find creative ways to make your website stand out. You can even create a different name for these website sections if you would like to add more personality to your site. For example, your About Us page can be titled: "Who We Are", “Get to know us”. You can also rename your News section as follows: “Stay updated”, “What’s buzzing” and your Product/Services page: “Why choose us” for instance. Choice is yours, just “make sure that the titles don’t confuse customers and clearly introduce what they are going to find behind the name.


Was this article helpful? Do you have all these pages on your website blueprint? If missing some, why  don’t you complete your website today and see how this makes a difference?

Your website is your online business face and your best way to retain loyal customers and attract new ones. Update, improve and take care of your free business website on a regular basis. Be sure - it will be rewarding! 

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