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5 Tips to Create More Influential Content for Your Free B...
about 6 years ago

Creating high quality content for your website means buildingvalue that keeps your audience engaged. A professionally looking design is what catches the eye but what really keeps your visitors coming back is the content shared. ‘’Content is King” as they say and that is what content marketing is all about:

Here are 5 helpful content marketing tactics to be employed to your know - how arsenal and help you pack your free website with unique and compelling content:

1. Tailor it According to YourAudience

Once you have defined your target audience, try to know them as much as you can. Ask for their opinion to get a clear notion of how can theybenefit and captivate them through your website content. Plan content wisely beforehand and craft it according to your community needs. Knowing their interests and preferences will help you define the proper tone that best works for your business website. Whether your content style will sound friendly or serious and academic - it sure has to match the profile of your profile.

2. Keep it Fresh and Unique

Generating unique content on a regular basis is not only SEO friendly but also a good chance to earn credit and engage your customers. Make sure you always keep them duly informed about the latest updates in your product or price list, your last marketing campaign or promotion. Go a step further by being the first to write about the most trendy topics that are buzzing the web or report the latest happenings in your business niche.

3. Make it Look Attractive

Great content will have even greater impact when presented in a smart and enticing way. Make it visible, well-organized, and easy to scan. Beware of long blocks of content and break it with images.  A good working practice to keepa balanced text/ images ratio would be intersecting every 5-6 paragraphs of text with high-qualityvisual elements.Check out our latest blog post to learn about 10 high quality online sources where you can browse for free stock images .Content could be also fueled with enticing videos and spectacular slideshows and help youkeep your audience engaged across a variety of formats. Don’t forget to pay attention to the colors as well.

4. Eliminate Typographic Errors

Make sure you take the time to edit and proof-read your content. Poor grammar, improper formatting and spelling mistakes would be the greatest spoilers of your website content credibility. Take care of Proper Title Capitalization as well.  Have a look at the Title Capitalization rules that we have provided for your ease. Ensure you deliver your content in an intelligent manner so it brings the customers back instead of declining them from visiting.

5. DeliverAdded Value

Skip the hard pitch for your product and focus more on educating and entertaining your audience.Providing useful information is one of the best ways to attract readers. Intrigue, provoke, impress.  Bring fresh angles, analyze your content and provide expert opinions. Deliver helpful tips and smart insights. Go beyond readers’ expectations by evoking their engagement and emotional response. Ask open questions. Make them think, participate and feel a part of the community. It will sure pay off.

Does your content feels more influential now? After the great job you have done, one last but important step you should take is adding call to action buttons to make your contend easily sharable on social media.

Do not hesitate to leave us a testimonial and share your ways of making content better work for your business.

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