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How to Choose the Best URL for Your Business Website?
about 6 years ago

 When building a professional website to showcase your business venture, choosing theright domain name is just as important as defining the website design or the company name itself. In fact it might be one of the most deeply considerate issues in terms of site creation.

To help you make the right choice, in this article we are going to provide you with some critical aspects to think of, when deciding  the best fit URL name to effectively represent and work for your business.

In addition to being the access address to your website, your domain name will also be used to generate emails and placed on your business cards.

If willing to find the most appropriate, catchy, recognizable and outstanding name for your website, here is a Checklist to guide you through the process. 

Even if you already have one, take some minutes to simply ensure it’s fitting the picture:


1. Be Originaland Clear - This is your business e-card  and the way you want your customers to look at your product/service.Don’t be too fancy about it; just make it unique, competitive, and distinctive.

2. Make it Easy to Spell - If your chosen domain name is easy to misspell, better think of alternatives. Unconventional spelling might cause difficulties for your visitors to find your site on the web, which will unconditionally lower the traffic driven. Avoid slang.

3. Tie Your Website Name to Your Brand Identity - Ensure that your website name evokes the right messages in terms of your company vision/mission/business goals/products. Is it corresponding to the overall brand concept? Choose a name that is not too long but rather emblematic for your brand.

4.  Put Yourself in Your Customers’ Shoes - Always try to think of what key words your visitors/customers are most likely to type when looking for the type of product/service you offer. To be easy to find, it might be a better idea to use the concrete name of your company, then words specifying your business area or activity. 

5. Keywords - They are essential to make your URL Google friendly. The best thing to do is being able to fit in your URL both your business name and the sector related primary keyword (what you do, the most important product/service,etc.) still keeping it brief and memorable. Make a list of 5 strategic words best corresponding to the nature of your business, limit their number if possible and play with different combinations to find the best working option.

Note: Putting too many keywords canhave a confusing impact from an algorithmic and perception point of view.

6. Hyphens - Applying hyphens in your webpage name is a goodmove to clearly separate multiple words and making the overall look more scannable. It is much more readable than just having few words crunched together. When deciding to leverage hyphens, make sure that you cut the number of words between the hyphens up to three. Besides, using hyphens in the URL is good for the SEO, enabling search engines to pick up each unique word in the domain name as a key word, thus helping your site moves higher in therankings. That’s why here at Puzl; we advise you to implement the Hyphen URL structure to help you make the most out of your URL name.

7. URL Length - It is commonly accepted that the shorter, the better. Ideally no more than 3  wordsare advised in an URL. Helpful advice: do not use abbreviations.

8. Check competition - Always make a search with the domain that you have picked to see what your brand is facing. If you are selling apples for instance, it may not be wise to create a short URL containing the word Apple (e.g. apple-green) as the power of competition is so strong that you would not gain any visibility. However you may want to add more elements to the word “apple” to make it more targeted (e.g. organic-golden-apple).

Here might be the right moment to let you check out what Matt Cutts has to explain about how Google interpretes underscores and dashes in URL:

When creating a site with Puzl, your website is hosted for free within the Puzl.com domain.  Still, if you prefer to use your own domain, and place your Puzl website on it, the

Domain Mapping solution is what you need. The domain mapping is a premium service of Puzl available for a monthly fee. It makes your website URL change from a sub-domain of Puzl (yourdomain.puzl.com) to become: yourdomain.com (.co.uk, .org, etc).

To test URL availability you can simply:

Think twice before choosing your URL as changing it after time can mean a loss of search engine rankings. Make sure you thoughtfully consider it from all perspectives so you pick the most relevant and evergreen choice possible.

However with Puzl, you have time! As picking domain mapping will not make you lose your old sub-domain; it will remain yours and redirect link and traffic to your New Domain. Yes! We do truly care about the well-being of our business members.

Armed with those URL tips in mind, you are now ready to create your Puzl website. Why don’t you start today?



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