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How to Create a Powerful Summary for Your LinkedIn Profile
about 6 years ago

 LinkedIn is an effective gateway to help you find new business opportunities, expand your professional reach and develop a network of helpful contacts, recruiters and potential investors. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, a well-crafted LinkedIn profile would be a key asset to generate prospects and contribute to your company credibility. When showcasing your personality, skills and expertise in LinkedIn, you showcase your company identity as well. Your professional ambitions and achievements speak loud about the business you have settled and build trust in. So, make sure your LinkedIn Profile is impeccable.


Being the most influential part of your LinkedIn profile, your summary section is also the most time consuming and difficult to craft. It is where you have to sum up your professional profile and convince the reader that you are that exact talented person having the right skills and passion to successfully run a business.

Leveraging its impact ourselves for the free website builder of Puzl, in this article we are going to provide you with some handy tips on how to write a killer summary for your LinkedIn profile.

1.  Make a Proper Research

Take time to browse through a number of summaries of successful people in your target branch. Reproduce their strong parts and learn how to improve the weak spots.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Go beyond the resume bullets-your summary is not only about your past experience but about your next big steps and achievements in terms of growth and success.
  • Do not copy - create your summary in a unique style to stand out from the crowd.
  • Give your summary a more personal tone - writing in firstperson will make it more compelling and individually distinguish you from your company.
  • Avoid using many pronouns, jargon, clichés and copy/pasted boring selling phrases
  • Strike the right balance -highlight what you are great at, keep the tone strict and professional but try not to sound too official, fake or overrated.

There is of course no “fit all” solution. Some industries or cultures may for example require that your summary is written on the third person. We however feel that a personal approach is what has worked best for us.

 2.  Plan it Wisely

Your LinkedIn Summary is the section of your profile which has the highest character count. It needs a solid plan and expert execution. Be clear, concise and captivating.

Here are the most important bullet points your summary should encompass:

  • Describe who you are-  What’s your professional mission? What are you passionate about?
  • State your value- How can you make a difference? List your core competencies, key skills, top career accomplishments, passions.
  • What makes you unique? - How are you going to contribute as a professional? Feature the positive impact and added value that you can deliver.
  • List your goals - What are your primary goals and professional ideas? Make them concrete, realistic and timeframed.
  • Call to action - This part is a miss for many summaries but should be not for yours too. Make sure to provide a brief and inviting sentence, ensuring recruiters, customers, investors with your readiness for professional collaboration. The right words can be incredibly effective.


“I enjoy connecting with aspired professionals and exchanging valuable insights on business, technology and innovation. Feel free to reach me so we can further discuss a potential professional partnership. I would love to hear from you. “

“If I can be of any service or provide you with professional advice/contact name, do not hesitate to leave me a message. Creating and fostering professional relations is a milestone of conducting business today. “

 3.  Treat it as an Elevator Pitch

It’s called summary for a specific reason. First impression counts and these are the first sentences people read. That’s why you should treat it as your personal elevator pitch. It’s a passage to declare your unique selling points (USPs) and succinctly describe your key strengths and greatest professional achievements. Demonstrate your ambition, energy, confidence and work enthusiasm. These are some attention-grabbing words that people love to see: Challenge, Inspiration and Creativity.

 4.  Keywords Matter

Make your profile keyword-rich. Research and integrate keywords that renowned companies and prospects in your niche would most probably type to find profiles similar to yours. Compile your selection of keywords and spread them naturally throughout your profile. Being SEO-friendly your LinkedIn summary will have a stronger impact on your rank in the internal LinkedIn search engine. The more functional keywords you use, the greater chance for you to show up on the Search radars.

Here is an example of some effective keyword combinations: Sales/business development/ strategic partnerships/budgeting/financial modelling.


Being a powerful tool to spread your professional influence, your LinkedIn summary needs a special focus. Remember that your image of a skilled and experienced individual automatically reflects on increasing your company awareness. It subsequently leads to a greater business outreach, better online visibility and more prospects.

Do not leave the summary section blank. This is your chance to be creative and stand out as a credible professional and reliable leader. Use it wisely. Work on your summary today so that your summary works for you in the long-run.

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