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How to Gain Free Online Publicity for Your Startup
about 6 years ago

Once you have developed a great product or service, you need to find the most compelling ways to present it to the public. You need to get your name out there and start building a solid public awareness of what you can deliver. Publicity is critical to success so you need to be extremely proactive about it.

Considering that you are small business that doesn’t have the luxury to spend millions on Public relations, check out our 5 Minutes Guide to get morefree online exposure without  breaking the budget.


1. Build a professional website


Your digital exposure starts with a business website. Make sure yours is unique and stands out from the crowd. For all Puzl members that have already built their professional showcase with our platform, we thank you for your choice and trust.

We have some awesome news for you. The version 1.0 is currently under active development and will soon be available to offer a compelling level of customization and innovative features to help you make your Puzl website look even more amazing and functional!


Note: If you are eager to find out about the novelties and express an opinion, feel free to contact us and we can give you an early access to the latest version and become our testers/testing volunteers.


For those who are not Puzl members yet…Don’t wait anymore. Build a connected business website now. You can fully customize your business website at no cost and enjoying a number of great features. Here is why choosing Puzl:

  • A user friendly interface
  • Strong online visibility Total design customisation
  • A site without ads
  • Social networks integration
  • Unlimited storage and pages
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Full Customer support
  • Professional domain name
  • Dozens of widgets available


2. Press Release


Press releases are another powerful source of publicity and a must for any startup initiative, stepping on the business track. Paid press releases get greater media attention for sure but this is not a reason why you can take advantage of some free Press release channels too. They will complementary work for your business activity while still tight on a budget. Prepare precisely your Press release kit and get ready to browse through these options and pick up what best responds to your startup needs:

Important Note: A successful press release should be something newsworthy that relates to your product, but also meets both journalists and prospects appetite. Don’t forget to also pay attention to their popularity, rating, general tone, audience, eventual hidden costs, benefits expected.


3. Free Startup Submission


After you launch your startup company, you sure need to get as much initial exposure as possible to be established on a shoestring budget. You have to show your project to the worldand declare “we are here and we are the next big startup”.


Exactly for this purpose, here are some big startups listing sites to help you present your brand to customers, prospects, Angel investors, Venture capitalists, Marketers, etc.

·         KillerStartups

·         Startup World

·         StartupWizz

·         StartupMeme

·         Betali

·         The Startup Pitch

·         Startup Tunes


Before submitting your startup, make sure you are duly prepared for all the information they require. Stay professional. Think twice about the angle you are going to present your company from. Be perfectly fluent about your positioning, USP (unique selling point), vision and mission, added value that you are going to provide for your customers. Think of a creative logo, company slogan/motto that best communicates about what you do. Go profoundly into details prior to submitting your company profile. This is quite a good chance to stand out amongst competitors.


4. Benefit from Social Media


As a startup company or small business, you should definitely embrace social media as an effective means of communication, promotion and free digital presence. Although social media platforms are predominantly targeting monetization with the sponsored posts they offer, still, you can achieve a great customer reach, simply by building a loyal community and providing influential content…and without spending a penny. Be aware that each platform has not only unique audience of users, but some special requirements in terms of images, content and lingo as well. Don’t overlook the immense role of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + and foster the connections they are going to create for your business. As a Puzl member you can freely benefit from our Facebook and Twitter social widgets to ensure immediate social media integration for your online presence.

Note: In case you need a helping hand on how to create your professional summary on LinkedIn, feel free to discover our advices in one of our latest community articles.


5. Get into Blogging


Besides Social media, blogging is just another great step towards promoting your business venture. Although blogging is lately considered to have diminished its efficiency comparing to recent years, yet dozens of guest posts for dozens of blogs with good rating, can do miracles for your business. They will bring you that extra push to help more customers discover what you offer. They are excellent for SEO purposes as well, helping your company appear in the results of the main Search Engines and become more visible online.


Search for the right blogs reaching your target audience. Creating good professional relations with a bunch of bloggers will help you establish a solid base of contacts that will further help you spread the word about your business. There are some ready to use directories where you can discover a list of blogs accepting guest posts and arranged by business categories and traffic ranks. We recommend checking out Isolvid's list of 180+ Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts & Contributions. It's a great resource that has neatly structured the websites into accurate tables and sorted them by DA, Alexa Rank & Difficulty level. They also give direct links to submission pages.


We hope that this article will help you find the right axe to promote your business on an effective and cost-cutting manner. Cross-promoting your company on all of the above mentioned sources, will not only boost your online exposure, but will help you build your brand awareness. After all, assuring online publicity for your business is one of the most priceless assets in the sea of rivals.


Start working on yours today!


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