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Puzl.com Introduces its New Facebook Fan Page for Small B...
about 6 years ago

FUN SIDE OF BUSINESS fan page is one of our latest initiatives, created with the main goal to foster community relations and encourage you (the Puzlists) to more efficiently engage your customers online. How? By giving you access to trendy, fun and added value business content, tailored to be shared with your audience on social media.

What a better way to strengthen your social media performance than having a reliable source to back up your small business need of quality content?

 Well, Fun Side of Business can be this source for you!


 1.    What Are Our Primary Goals Behind the Page’s Creation?

 Being focused on generating leads for Puzl members, we DO realize that SMEs are lacking quality and fresh content to provide for their customers online. The page is also meant to enable all members of the platform (small businesses in the Puzl family) and other SMEs, easily share viral quality content on their own walls and fan pages, gaining online recognition in the process.


 2.    Why Joining the Page?

We don’t even need to convince you on this, do we?

  • It’s all for you to amuse and engage your audience.
  • It’s a viral content source to serve your business community.  Feel free to share everything you find worthy for your professional goals and contacts.
  • It’s a fun way to learn more about social media networks and how they function.
  • It’s an effective way to boost your business visibility online by contributing to the Page.

 3.    What Kind of Content Are You Going to Find on the Page?

At Puzl‘s business website builder, we believe that work should be FUN. This is why we decided to show you how to look at companies from another FUN perspective.  Trying to combine the educational aspect with the fun face of business, this is what we have prepared for you to discover, love and share:


- Funny business images, ads, videos

- Jokes about work environment

- Great marketing tactics (or epic fails) by big brands

- “Did you know” social media statistics and interesting facts to excel your Social Media Marketing

-“’How-to” educational tips and tricks on business, web design, SEO, social media.   

4. How FUN Side of Business Will Do the Trick for You?

Puzl team created the page just for businesses like yours!

To double the added value for you and your business, we decided to make it a 2 sided process:

  • We ENCOURAGE all Puzlists and SMEs TO FREELY SHARE any content from this page on their walls and fan pages.
  • We STRIVE to give all Puzlists andSMEs extra visibility online so we will gladly share your fun proposal directly on our wall. Have fun stuff to submit? Feel free to share it with us and we will give you all the credit you deserve!

The community is speedily growing and we believe it has the potential to turn into one of the most viral Facebook Fun Hubs for Businesses.

Already joined? If not, just hit a like and let’s get the page cracking and have fun together!

Don’t forget to stay tuned on the latest updates around Puzl website builder, too. You can do this by visiting our official business fan page on Facebook


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