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Create your own stunning professional website with ease by utilizing our wide range of features & tools. Puzl is the website builder that help connect your business to your customers.
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Dozens of professional designs for a unique website


A professional website needs its own clear identity; that is why Puzl created its look & feel website templates.  We have multiple combinations so you can choose and adapt the one that is right for you. Separating the personalization in two levels, prior to entering the website full customization interface, allows Puzl to de-multiply the design choices proposed to its members, the Puzlists, while retaining a simple and intuitive selection process.

A business website template is in effect an organization of widgets (texts, pictures, slideshow, gallery, buttons…) to create a lively and attractive web space. Different arrangements adapted to your professional activity are proposed. Each of our website templates is targeted towards a specific business type or sector, and is created to match the said business needs and set goals. We have a wide range of templates for everything from restaurants, through hotels and housing, to music and visual artists and whole agencies.

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