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To increase the search engine ranking of professional sites created with Puzl’s free website builder, a business directory listing all members’ sites was launched. When you build a free website on the business network, it will also be automatically integrated in the internal search engine.

Every free website built on the Puzl platform is directly registered in the business directory after completing the website creation process.

Improving the search engine ranking of web pages, created with the free website builder of Puzl, is one of the main goals of the business network. One of the key factors of website optimization is the number of links redirecting towards a given free website. The business directory, listing all professional websites, was created for the purpose of improving a search engine optimization of Puzlists’ sites by increasing the number of inbound links.


Tools developed to improve the search engine ranking of Puzlists’ free websites

Integrated to its free website builder, Puzl has developed different tools to increase the search engine ranking of business members’ websites.


  • A business news and update wall which allows the Puzlists to easily connect their free business website to other social and business networking platforms.
  • Sharing capabilities to all social and professional networks. When you build a free website, integrated to the footer of each of your web pages, are sharing bookmarks allowing visitors to share your site to his network.
  • A business directory integrated to the platform. As soon as you leave the free website builder, your professional showcase will be automatically included to an online business directory increasing the number of inbound links pointing to your web pages.


A new door of entry to your free professional website

The integration of your company to the business directory will create a new door of entry to your free website. Visitors looking for a SME, self-employed or freelancer, a product or service, will be able to find and visit your business website when searching Puzl’s directory. In addition, the inbound links created will directly influence the search engine ranking of your free website, allowing it to be found more easily in search engine results and further increasing its online business promotion.


Segmentation of the business directory to increase efficiency

To increase the effectiveness and the specialization of the business directory, it has been divided into different areas:


  • An A to Z free business listing; where all professional web pages created with the free website builder are integrated.
  • A sector business directory; facilitating the search of businesses per sectors and sub-sectors.
  • A service business directory; regrouping all services contained on any free website built on the business network.
  • A product directory; regrouping all the e-commerce shops and their products integrated to the free website builder of Puzl.


The internal search engine designed to enhance users’ experience

As the business network grows and many free websites are built and included to the business directory, it will become more and complicated to find the business, product or service that one is looking for. This is why Puzl, the free website builder, has developed a business search engine; integrated to the platform it will scan all information contained within the free websites of Puzlists.

This interface will use a search engine algorithm specifically developed for the business network, ordering results using Puzl’s recommendation index, registered business activity on the platform amongst other factors. The rules of the algorithm will be explained to all Puzlists for them to understand how they may improve their internal search engine ranking. It will however remain 100% based on natural SEO linked to the efforts that each Puzlist makes to improve its website search engine optimization.

The search engine of Puzl will facilitate the ordering of search results by: distance from location, price comparator, clients’ rating and recommendations, opinions of members of your professional network, etc.


SEO tip: Don’t forget to complete the meta title, meta description and meta tags for each individual web page in the free website builder’s interface. These metas are important as they are the texts which users will see when finding your free website in the internal search engine of Puzl (as well as on Google and other major search engines).


Puzl’s business directory was developed to create cohesion between the free websites of the business network and is designed to bring a high SEO added value to all members. It is yet another service aimed at improving your search engine ranking to make sure that when a business builds a free website on the SEO platform of Puzl, it directly benefits from a strong online visibility.


Discover SEO techniques with Puzl’s free website builder

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