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Free website hosting
Free website hosting to aggregate your referencing potential with other business websites.

The free website builder of Puzl aims at achieving a high level of internet visibility for SME, self-employed and freelancers. By also offering free website hosting, Puzl provides you with a 100% free online promotion solution with a professional website advertisements free.

Puzl does not only let you build a free website but also benefit from a high search engine ranking.

The free website builder of Puzl aims at achieving a high level of internet visibility for SME, self-employed and freelancers. By also offering free website hosting, Puzl provides you with a 100% free online promotion solution with a professional website advertisements free.


Why does Puzl offer free website hosting

As explained in the search engine optimization service, the concept of Puzl is based on assuring that all businesses building a free website on Puzl also benefit from a high search engine ranking. The full architecture of the business network has been developed to achieve that. Factors influencing the SEO of a platform are, amongst others, the size, activity and internal/external linking of a website.

For SME, self-employed and freelancers to fully benefit from the SEO business network, any web page created with the free website builder of Puzl will be placed on a sub-domain of Puzl and therefore hosted for free.

This website hosting comes in the form of a sub-domain. Therefore, business members’ websites will be hosted as:


Other solutions of free website hosting are also available to businesses that wish to keep their own domain. – Puzl.


Offering free website hosting to increase your search engine ranking

The free website hosting solution of Puzl is based on increasing the search engine ranking of the business websites built on the platform.

By combining the referencing strength of free websites built by SME, self-employed and freelancers on a same platform, cross linking them, placing tools aimed at increasing outbound links and their websites activities, Puzl can assure a high level of internet visibility to all its members.

The free website hosting is the angular stone of the SEO strategy of the business network. For search engines to accept the federation of small business as a united force, all must be hosted for free on a sub-domain of Puzl; thus benefiting from an increased search engine ranking.


URL Redirection capabilities to maintain your existing official website

Many Puzlists, business members of Puzl’s network, already have an existing professional website and domain. For many SME, self-employed and freelancers, it is important to be able to have professional emails but also to place a personal domain on their business cards. The free website builder has prepared a solution for these companies, a redirection to the website built for free on the platform from their existing URL.

Internet users will normally look for your website in a search engine or directly type the URL in the address bar. After they have first entered the desired web address, they will usually not follow the evolution on the URL as they click on different pages of your website. That is why it does not pose problems to lead a customer back to a website hosted for free on a sub-domain of Puzl.

You may of course also keep your existing website and create a secondary professional site on the Puzl free website domain.


SEO TIP: If you decided to make a re-direction from your existing domain to your new web pages built with the free website builder of Puzl, it usually is better for search engine optimization to make an indirect redirection. This means that when someone visits your website, you should place a welcome button to enter the web page, which would then lead to a redirection to your free website on Puzl’s sub-domain. To further increase your SEO don’t hesitate to place a presentation text on this page.


Free domain hosting on the Puzl’s servers

To further enhance its business service offers, Puzl will propose to businesses with an existing domain to move it to a server managed by Puzl; therefore hosting it for free. This offer will lead to a re-direction to a Puzl free website. Emails will also be hosted and maintained on the same server.


Future solutions to place a free website with your own domain

As the search engine optimization of the business network gains traction, Puzl will propose solutions to transfer your professional showcase, which you have created with the free website builder, to your own domain. This will be rendered possible with the purchase of a domain or the transfer of an existing domain you own to Puzl’s servers. Puzl does not currently propose this service as it only accepts to build optimized websites. However, this solution will be possible as the business network grows.


Conclusion of free website hosting

It is for all of the above reasons that the platform always needs to expand and gain new Puzlists to guarantee the best possible level of website optimization. By inviting other SME, freelancers and self-employed to join Puzl not only will you allow your contacts to benefit from a free and effective service, but you will also increase the search engine ranking of your professional website.


The maintenance of the servers is done by highly qualified professionals and ensures that one’s website is accessible online at all time.

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