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Join Puzl’s business network and benefit from continuous interface improvement.

Puzl is a business network aiming at proposing a complete scope of business services necessary to market, manage and expand the professional activity of SME, self-employed or freelancer. Build a free website on a search optimized platform to fully benefit from a professional software package.

New widget for your free website, improvement to the internal search engine, free software package.

Build a free website on the business network and be sure of maintaining it modern. Puzl’s free website builder is in constant improvement and evolution. Monthly updates will be made to enhance the interface of the website builder and launch new widgets aiming at the increase of your designing and personalizing capabilities. Not only will new tools be proposed to build and improve the free websites, the exiting widgets will also be constantly reviewed to make sure they integrate the latest available technologies.

Build a free website on Puzl’s search engine optimized business network to benefit from its continuous improvement making sure that your professional showcase always stays up to date with the best and newest additions to the internet technological world. - Puzl

Furthermore, new sector specific widgets will also be developed and added to the free website builder for you to benefit from tools explicitly designed to refine the quality and added value of your webpages. These range from members only areas, online reservation systems, state of the art galleries, etc…


Time is an important factor positively influencing the Search engine ranking of a website

Puzl’s programming team has a SEO department, focusing on the improvement of the technical architecture of the business network aiming at improving the search engine ranking of all members’ free websites. These SEO adjustments and enhancements are necessary for:


  • The validation of new additions to the business network
  • The continuous improvement of the existing tools
  • The adaptations of the tools linked to changes made to the algorithms of search engines (e.g. Google Panda udpate)

On top of the internal energy placed on the improvement of the search engine optimization of all free website built using the web page creator, the Puzlists will see the search engine ranking of their professional website positivity influenced by three additional factors:


  • The growth of the business network: the larger Puzl becomes the better optimized and referenced all member’s websites will become.
  • The time factor will further improve the search engine ranking of your site at it will be considered as known and recognized content.


To learn more about the key business services proposed on the business network visit the areas below

Build a free website to promote online your professional activity: free website builder

Increase your internet visibility with a SEO business network: search engine ranking

Build an e-commerce shop and sell products and services online: free e-commerce templates


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