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Increase your website search engine ranking
Follow search engine optimization guidelines to increase your internet visibility Read an introduction to search engine optimization. Understand what SEO techniques need to be followed to build a free website and benefits from a high search engine ranking for your business. Follow these SEO guidelines to increase your online promotion with Puzl’s free website builder.

Learn the SEO rules to improve your free website’s search engine ranking

Search engine optimization is the term defining the improvement of the position of your website in the results of all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc… The optimization of web pages is done for specific keywords. These keywords are words or expressions that an internet user would type in a search engine when looking for the product, service or activity that the website is presenting or selling.

There are two main streams to website optimization: natural and paid referencing (also called search engine marketing). Puzl focuses on natural referencing as it is be the base of any website optimization campaign, is 100% free, and give results which are maintained and improved in the long term.


When creating your professional web pages with Puzl’s free business website builder; by following simple and straight forward SEO rules, you will benefit from a high search engine ranking. - Puzl


For a SME, self-employed or freelancer, it is important that their professional website appears as high as possible in search engine result pages to benefit from a strong incoming traffic. Puzl’s free SEO guide has been established to present simple SEO techniques, which help increase the search engine ranking of websites.

Even though anyone may apply the SEO techniques explained in the guide to their site, making use of the guide in combination with Puzl’s free website builder will have a higher impact on your search engine ranking. The business platform architecture is based on aggregating the SEO potential of all its business members’ professional websites, for all Puzlists to benefit from the SEO bonus of being part of a large, growing and active platform; being some of the most important search engine optimization criteria.


The larger the business network will become, the higher any free website built on Puzl will be ranked in search engines. – Puzl


One of the main criteria of search engines algorithm is the activity of a website. To maintain and increase the incoming traffic to your free website, it is important to make constant design adjustments and content updates. With this aspect in mind, Puzl created a news and update wall on all the free websites home pages.


The news and update section has a double SEO importance:

  • Regularly updating and refreshing your website content for each new update placed online, leading to search engine robots scanning your website again;
  • Creating new outbound links directing to your website thanks to the possibility to link your news and update to all social and business networks that you are a member of allowing the syndication of your professional news.

By following the SEO guidelines presented in the guide, it is possible to increase the online visibility of your site within a short time. The search engine ranking of your site will continuously improve, being positively influenced by the time factor. It is important that you focus on the structure of your content to keep its quality high; making use of your keywords with an effective density and repetition. Choosing the right keyword is crucial to boost SEO in the short as well long run.

Another significant fact is the positioning of keywords within the content. The earlier or higher you place a keyword in a web page, the more importance search engines will give it. This is why Puzl paid special attention to the architecture of Puzl’s free website builder to assure that all the crucial SEO areas, or SEO hot spots, like the metas for example, are full available for editing, further increasing your website’s search engine ranking.

Tools that help you find the right keyword are for example Google Ad Words as well as the Google search engine itself. Learning how to use the right SEO tools to improve your search engine ranking is better explained by following the link situated just above.

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