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Search engine optimization
An effective way to improve your website’s search engine ranking Learn the SEO rules respected by Puzl business network when programming its free website builder. 

When a business builds a free website, it is important to follow certain SEO guidelines to achieve a high search engine ranking. Discover how search engines index and rank websites on the internet.

“A key factor to succeed in your business’ online promotion by increasing the search engine visibility of your free website”

Search engine optimization has become the one and most important factor to be successful online for a business. Having a website which benefits from a high search engine ranking in the results of major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo is key to increase your online promotion.


Select the right free website builder

When selecting a free website builder to create your business website, it is important to take different factors into account:

  • You need to have the ability to personalize the design of your web pages when you build your free website.
  • The website builder needs to be simple to use and intuitive, proposing free website templates to beginning your web page design will further improve your experience.
  • It needs to support SEO capabilities to assure that your business website attains the highest possible search engine ranking.

The free website builder of Puzl has been designed to answer all these needs with a free SEO inbuilt software to the business network securing a high level of online promotion for your business.


“But let’s back track a little and first understand what achieving and increasing the search engine ranking of your free website really means.” – Puzl


How do search engines work?

Today, when needing to search for an online information, product or service, you will in most cases pass by a search engine. A search engine is a complex program which sends spider robots over the World Wide Web. The mission of those spider robots is to crawl (scan) the web and collect the online content of all websites they come across. The search engines will then use another program, called an indexer, whose role is to read all the information brought to them by spider robots and order then in files called index. These indexes are large libraries of web pages. They link these pages to keywords that may be searched over the internet and give them a popularity rank for each individual keywords.

Search engines rank websites in their search results in an order dictated by a “proprietary algorithm”. This algorithm is using different factors which influence the quality of a website and its reliance related to specific keywords which has been utilized when making a search query. Each and every search engine will use a different algorithm to rank websites in search engine results although they will usually follow a similar pattern.

Search engine optimization is all about respecting rules dictated by these algorithms to assure that your free website achieves the highest possible search engine ranking. Although SEO is not a sure science, search engines not communicating the exact search engine ranking factors influencing their algorithm, the hints and advices which they transmit will tell you how to best build a website.


Main factors influencing the search engine ranking of your website

Search engines have many different SEO rules which should be followed and respected to increase the search engine ranking of the web pages created with Puzl’s free website builder. These SEO rules of course apply to any website optimization process.


  • Size of the website – The larger the website, the better it will be referenced as the SEO potential is shared between web-pages. When you build a free website on the Puzl platform, search engines will not only consider your website but will look at the full business website when calculating the search engine ranking of your free website. Maintaining a large website is very time consuming, SME, self-employed or freelancers will generally not have the time or resources to deal with such a task.
  • Activity of the website – An active web platform will be considered to have relevant and up to date content. In a similar way as the size of the full Puzl business network will positively influence your search engine ranking, it is again the online activity of all the free business websites built by Puzlists that will be taken into account by search engines. The more you update a web page, the more often search engines will send their crawling spider robots to your free website increase your search engine ranking.
  • Internal and external links pointing back to the website – To be able to crawl a website, a search engine spider robot will first need to find it. How they operate is by following links from one website to another. The more links pointing at your free website, the higher your popularity will be as search engines will consider your website to hold quality content and information. The more websites share it, the more it will increase your search engine ranking. When you join the business network of Puzl and build a free website, your site will directly attain many internal links as it is part of the Puzl community and will therefore be effectively read by search engines. We will then invite you to create external links back to your Puzl free business website as these are considered, by search engines, to be a better proof of website popularity.
  • Architecture of your website – It is said that the most important factor influencing the search engine ranking of a website, is the actual structural architecture of the programing code of your web pages. The free website builder demanded a lot of time to develop as this is a crucial point of SEO. You may optimize as much as you want on a website but if you are utilizing the wrong technologies, it will be very difficult to achieve a high level of search engine ranking.
  • Quality of the online content (Keywords and size) – You may have the best website in the entire World Wide Web, but if you do not use the right keywords or have little online content it will not benefit from a high search engine ranking. A keyword is the word or phrase that someone types in a search engine when looking for the product or the service you provide. You therefore need to make sure these keywords are present within your texts. The number of words per pages is also another sign of quality for a search engines. When you build your free website, you should write a minimum of 200 words per page to secure a high search engine ranking.
  • Internet competition in your industry – This is an obvious point, the more competitors trying to achieve a high search engine ranking with a keyword you selected, the more difficult it will be for your free website to achieve a high search engine ranking with this particular keyword. Picking the right keywords for your sector and activity is more detailed in the SEO guide section of the services of Puzl. However, the rule of thumb is to use less searched keywords which benefit from a lower competition or select less keywords to make them stronger. The keywords need to be integrated in your URL, titles, texts, etc…
  • Time since the website has been online – The longer your web pages have been online the more it will positively influence your search engine ranking. To increase the time since the Puzl business network has been online, the free website builder was first launched with an extended landing page 9 month before we were officially ready to launch. This allowed the Puzl domain to gain SEO traction.
  • Behavior of visitors to your website – As search engines algorithms became more advanced; they introduced a new SEO influencing factor, the behavior of visitors to your web pages. Search engines analyze how much time visitors spend on your free website and how many pages they visit to calculate a SEO “bonus” influencing your search engine ranking.  They will also look at the bounce rate of your web pages which is the percentage of people who arrive to one of your web pages and then do not click on links before leaving your free website.  SEO is very important; but the general website design and clarity of texts is also important. To sell online, not only do you need to have visits to your free websites, you also need to make sure visitors enjoy the experience to assure a proper online promotion of your business.

“Don’t forget that what really matter is for your free website to be in the first pages of search engine results (SERPs) as 90% of internet users do not go further than the 4th SERP when looking at the result of their query.” - Puzl


The free website builder has been developed to assure a maximum SEO potential for all free website built on the platform. To make sure that Puzlist benefit from the SEO potential of the business network when building their free website, their web pages are hosted on the Puzl domain. Offering free website hosting and integrating all websites to one domain is the best way to assure 100% of the SEO potential of the business network stay within the community.


Learn how to implement these SEO technique thanks to Puzl’s free website builder

SEO techniques implementation: Increase your search engine ranking

Build a free website SEO ready: Free website builder

Discover how you can sell online: Free e-commerce shop

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