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Methods to increase the search engine ranking of your website

They are different methods which can be used to improve the internet visibility of your professional website.


The most direct method is to optimize your business website

You may work on your website’s optimization either by dealing with it yourself directly or by requesting the services of a third party SEO specialist company. This method demands a lot of resources both in time and money. Even though you may hire a SEO professional to work on the improvement of your search engine ranking, you will still be requested or advised to deal with a lot of the work yourself as no one will be able to better understand your professional activity; search engine optimization being highly related to content quality and focus. Dealing will the full SEO of a website is out of reach for many small and medium enterprises; the majority of businesses do not have the resources both in time and money to complete this demanding task.


Purchasing advertising banners on search engines to appear in the sponsored results

Also known as search engine marketing (SEM), this method can prove very expensive as your online advertising campaign will cost money for each click of a visitor leading to your website. Furthermore, it should be coupled with a natural search engine optimization strategy; the termination of your pay per click campaign having an immediate negative impact on incoming traffic to your web pages. When your website stops to appear in search engine sponsored results, potential clients will stop being able to find your website in search results. SEM is recommended in the event of a specific occasion like the launch of a new activity, a new product/service, a special conjuncture; but it is not sustainable in the long term.


Pass by intermediaries who rent out space on their search engine optimized website

  • Many large websites will offer you to promote your professional activity on their platform against payment. These offers come in different forms
  • Advertise with banner advertisements on their website, either as a cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand (CPM) or on a monthly cost basis.
  • Place a listing or a link on their website and pay a monthly fee or a one off fee for such advertisement. These will usually allow you to place a full description about your website and should further positivity influence your SEO.
  • A system where you would "pay per lead" implying that you would pay the website each time an information requests is made by a prospect. Each prospect interested in your products or services will have to fill in basic information about themselves and their needs. You will receive a lead card with all information about your prospect against the payment of a referral fee.


Why is the method of Puzl allowing you to build a free and optimized website is the best

Based on the agglomeration of the referencing power of SME, self-employed and freelancers into a same large business network, Puzl allows all business members following a set of simple SEO rules to achieve together the search engine visibility they need to expand their business online activity. We give you the SEO tools which will help your company compete against larger competitors and conquest new markets online.

The free website builder of Puzl was designed to offer a solution to small and medium enterprises. When a company builds a free website on the search engine optimized platform, it will automatically benefit from a high search engine ranking and therefore increase the online promotion of its activity.


The stem that lead to the launch of Puzl’s business network

When the free website builder’s idea originated, it was important to find a name that would embrace the full concept and business community behind it. “Puzl” best defined our common goal, having small businesses around the world link to each other and creating a virtuous circles from which all would benefit. By developing long term intra-business’ relationships, the business network will become an effective media to acquire new customers online but will also become the one stop shop to run a business

The concept of Puzl was founded on the belief that each and every one should have the possibility to launch or develop a professional activity without necessarily needing to invest a large sum of money and therefore take all risks. Is this not what internet was meant to be? Puzl aims at re-establishing this long lost equilibrium by giving the opportunity for all to launch or develop a business maintaining cost as low as possible but still offering them the necessary internet visibility to be known. This will only be achieved with the active participation of a strong business community.   

Here at Puzl we believe, confirmed by the emergence of individual’s free social and community websites, that businesses should not be required to pay a high fee for services that individuals are receiving free of charge. This is why building a professional website on Puzl is 100% free. Furthermore, the web pages developed by the free website builder will boast no advertisements; advertising banners not having their place on a business website. As the activity of members’ growth; SME, self-employed and freelancers will have the need for more specific customization of their professional tools, the Puzl business platform will then propose sector specific tools, whether for their website or the running of their activity.

This is the base of the business model of Puzl’s free website builder; to help companies grow and propose quality services linked to their activities and sectors following the evolution of their business needs. Puzl wishes to turn into an extra source of revenue for businesses but also a new source of revenue for students, unemployed, self-employed or retirees; everyone has got a skill they can capitalize on!

By rewarding most active members, with the Puzl Referencing Index, we hope that the community will thrive benefiting all members, the Puzlists. The larger the business network becomes, the higher the internet popularity of the platform develops, the more search engine optimized the free websites of members will turn out, increasing their search engine ranking and therefore the internet online visibility of their businesses.

Puzl’s Free Website Builder, discover the values of the business network


The aim of Puzl’s business network is to create a bridge between SME, self-employed, freelancers and their customers. By increasing their online visibility and introducing a direct relationship, it will remove the need to pass by expensive intermediaries.


Nowadays, it is very complex and costly for a business to achieve a high search engine ranking and therefore effectively promote his activity online. They are many factors influencing the ranking of a professional website in search engine results. The internet visibility of a website is linked to established search engine result ranking criteria which, amongst other factors, reward larger constantly evolving platforms over smaller websites. These criteria would rank in priority in the search engine results the most popular sites, which are search engine optimized in most cases. These large websites are securing for themselves the major part of internet traffic leaving very little traffic to websites of SME, self-employed, freelancers or any independents willing to promote their professional activities online.


A truly free business website builder.

What better than a site built with Puzl to present Puzl?