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4. Website Business Templates


After selecting a general design for your site, you are invited to pick the structure of your web pages. The free business website templates of Puzl are in effect full site organisations of 4 to 8 pages. Based on sectors and atmospheres, they allow you to start your website with pre-defined pages each with a specific purpose, and containing both photos and widgets. Always going the extra mile; Puzl also added predefined text to its website templates allowing you to know what kind of content could be written where. To assure that your business website stays unique, Puzl continuously adds new business templates to its builder on top of editing and altering existing ones.


3. Font Palettes


Font palettes are a new addition to the Puzl free business website builder, that give you the ability to change the font style of your website text with just one click. Selecting a font palette completely changes the appearance of your text and provides you with a way to select fonts that suit your needs and match your business' visual identity. Our design team has worked carefully on crafting a wide variety of beautiful and highly readable font palettes, that fit all types of visual identities - from casual and clean, through strict business-like, to quirky and fun. Font palettes can be changed at any time via the Design Mode of the website builder interface. Much like themes and color palettes, new fonts are added on a regular basis, ensuring an ever growing array of font choices.


To help you further


Puzl provides you with free sets of high quality photos. Contained within the website template you selected, they assure that when completing the design, you are able to rapidly add text to your web pages and directly publish them online, ready to be visited. The customization uniqueness of the free business website templates of Puzl means that any photo or element contained on your web pages is fully editable, movable, and resizable to your liking. Building a free professional website with Puzl means that you retain full control. Publish your site when you want, return and continuously improve it; you do not need to go through an expensive intermediary to edit your site; just login!


If you are an expert web user and wish to build your free website from a blank canvas, this is also possible thanks to the flexibility of Puzl’s drag and drop website builder. Add widgets (website design tools) to your pages, individually move, resize and edit them to create the perfect showcase promoting your professional activity online.

2. Color Palettes


Color palettes are in effect tone variations from your previously selected theme. Our designers have selected great colour arrangements, allowing you to pick the color palette that best suits your business needs. The palettes automatically change the colors of all website containers, user interface elements, backgrounds and texts. With that you have the power to completely change the colors of your website and its feeling with just one click. All container, background and text colors are later manually editable within the website builder interface. Like themes, new colors are added on a regular basis assuring that our business members benefit from an ever increasing palette of choices.


1. Design Themes


Picking a theme is the first step of personalisation. It defines the general design of your free business website. All widgets, elements contained within your web pages, are directly influenced by the theme you pick. Shapes, frames, backgrounds, shadows, transparency, gradients, styles, fonts… With Puzl, you have the possibility to change theme at any time; you are always one click away from fully influencing and reviewing the design of your professional web showcase.

Building a professional website with Puzl is 100% free for life. Create as many pages as you wish, add as many products, services and portfolios as you desire, place as many images & videos as you need.


Being a business website builder, Puzl placed a high attention in assuring that the design capabilities of its tools where highly enhanced. It was crucial that any professional website built on the business platform is and stays Unique. For this reason, Puzl created its revolutionary custom design tool. Puzl proposes a complete and free design solution to assure limitless website design capabilities to its members while still maintain a simple and highly intuitive interface.

What better than a site built with Puzl to present Puzl?

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