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The first step of design personalization of you free business website is to select a look and feel. They are in effect general design themes with selections of matching colors. You will be invited to pick the combination that best suits your professional identity. This choice is not final, with Puzl’s website builder; you are able to fully change your website design at any time. Create your custom design! Select a combination of elements to build a unique business website without even needing to have any knowledge of design. The business website builder offers thousands of different possibilities; always proposing the best arrangements to its members. Below you can see just some of the amazing and varied visual designs you can achieve by changing a website's theme, color and font palette. And each of them you can switch with just a single click of your mouse.



Purple Pink + Android

Light Green + Charismatic


Purple Green + Classical

Mono Blue + Elite


Orange Blue + Flora

Beige Turqouise + Time


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