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Puzl, the free website builder aims at answering all of your business needs.


During your free website creation process, Puzl proposes tools which allow you to place your products online with a professional, simple and legible design. You will of course have the liberty to modify visuals as well as adapt titles and texts to have a result in perfect coherence with your activity. Visitors to your website will be able to request more information or visit your product pages, each specific to a product to have a better understanding of your offer. This supplementary page will significantly improve the search engine visibility of your products individually. We have the short term objective of giving you the possibility of selling your products directly online with the creation of a free e-commerce online store within you professional websites. Finally links may also be added to CK editor. Don’t hesitate to click on the chain icon to place a hyperlink (a link hidden behind a keyword) it is better for online visibility than a straight forward http:// link. 

What better than a site built with Puzl to present Puzl?

A free drag and drop website builder