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Puzl offers a wide range of business services to SME, self-employed and freelancers. The business network specializes itself in free website building as well as search engine optimization. However, many other services are proposed to its members, the Puzlists. These business services are aiming at enhancing members’ experience and added value from joining the business network.

The free website builder allows you to create and personalize templates to create your business site. Not only will you build a free website, you will also benefit, thanks to the power of the business community, from a strong search engine optimization increasing your online visibility. By aggregating the referencing potential of the Puzlists, members of the network, your website will increase its search engine ranking and therefore its positions in the results of Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc… And this completely free!

What better than a site built with Puzl to present Puzl?

Discover our range of business services

Build a free website for your business

Join Puzl and create a professional website; increasing the online representation of your business. The free website builder will allow a full customization of your web pages whether you are a SME, self-employed or freelance.

SEO is the key to online visibility

Nowadays, having an optimized website is the best way to increase your online sales. Writing a keyword rich content for your web pages will increase your search engine ranking. Join Puzl’s business network, benefit from its referencing power and appear in the first pages of search engine results.

Increase your website's search engine ranking

The SEO guide will help your free website’s search engine optimization. Learn and implement the SEO techniques necessary to secure a high search engine ranking for your professional activity thanks to the tools of the free website builder of Puzl.

Sell your products online e-commerce templates

When creating your web pages with the free website builder, you have the possibility to create an e-commerce shop from a selection of free e-commerce templates. Add the products that you wish to sell online, select the online payment solution that best suits your business activity.

Join Puzl's professional community

The business network gives you the opportunity to expand your professional contacts directly influencing the improvement of your SEO. When you build a free website with Puzl, it will be automatically included in an online business directory listing as well as on the internet search engine.

Benefit from a free website hosting

The Puzl platform will host your own website for free. By joining the professional community, you will benefit from a strong SEO domain and improve the online promotion of your business activity.

Puzl’s business network meet other professionals

In the near future it will be possible to expand knowledge, ideas, information, questions and answers between other business professionals but also with prospects. Expand your business network and directly influence the internet visibility of your free website.

Puzl, a business platform in constant evolution

Puzl is a continuously evolving platform. The aim of the business network is to answer all the needs that SME, self-employed and freelancers may have with regards to their online promotion strategy, but also offering tools facilitating the running of their businesses.

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