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The second step of your website design customization is to pick a free business template. Puzl templates are full website organizations including up to 8 individual web pages. They are designed to fit specific business needs and boast stock photos related to a sector or an atmosphere. They are even integrating page titles and section sub-titles helping you write quality and targeted content. Not only is it easy to build a unique website with Puzl; the interface allows you, while creating your design, to navigate through your business template thanks to its dynamic preview.


Discover how your professional site will appear to a visitor when finding it over the internet. Make changes to see the live evolution then confirm your choices. You are now ready to enter the editing interface of the website builder! The drag and drop business website builder of Puzl offers a high added value to its members. Each and every element, including photos, can be moved, edited, resized… anywhere on your pages with a complete liberty.


What better than a site built with Puzl to present Puzl?

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