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To add a widget, start by selecting one from the widget bar situated at the bottom of the website builder editing mode. Once you drop a widget on your web page, a window appears allowing you to edit its content, click confirmed when ready. To ease the creation of your website, a “Closet” was made. Used to store unused widgets, it will allow you to move or copy them from one web page to another but also remove them from your business website without losing their content. The appearance of each and every widget is influenced by the style & colors selected for your website.

The frames, backgrounds, fonts, or effects are automatically adapted to picked theme and color to assure that your website content always stays harmonious. With Puzl, you are always one click away from fully reviewing the design of your professional site, facilitating the process but also optimizing the end result. Puzl continuously updates its widgets to improve their capabilities but also proposes new tools on a regular basis to better answer the needs of Puzlists, members of the platform. Puzl thus offers to its business members a high quality website with limitless customization capabilities but which will also be in continuous evolution.



An ever-growing list of widgets at your disposal

Utilize our easy to use drag & drop website builder to create a free business website.


Puzl offers a full customization of free business websites created by its members thanks to a website builder based on dragging and dropping widgets (website design tools) on individual web pages. Our widgets are intended for use anywhere on your pages to create the perfect showcase promoting your professional activity online. Each with a specific use they allow you to create, piece by piece, the content of your free business website. No technical experience required! Puzl’s drag & drop system enables you to easily incorporate widgets and choose from a wide range of creative tools dedicated to your professional needs. Puzl’s comprehensive drag & drop website builder was designed to make it easy to add, move, edit and resize any widgets on your page.


Puzl places over 20 widgets at your disposal and gives you the power to take complete control of your website to create the perfect online showcase promoting your professional activity over the internet. Moving widgets around your site is as easy as dragging and dropping them. Need a slideshow on your home page? Just drop the panoramic or text/image slideshow   widget wherever you want, however considering the fact that placing a widget over another is not possible.  After dropping the widget on a web page, you may edit, move and resize it at your convenience. 

What better than a site built with Puzl to present Puzl?

Customize at will with our great widgets